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Art Prints

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You can also choose photos from the online |USA GALLERY|GLOBAL GALLERY|or click icons above and/or go to the SAMPLE PHOTOS page or see many more at my FLICKR site. To see all available on FLICKRyou will need to sign-in as a "friend" or "contact"--the best photos are only viewable with permission. If you want any photos within a specific theme shown but want more options to choose from, contact my PHOTO AGENT directly who can send more options from our large online archive.

We can produce customized archival-quality prints to ensure highest longevity, superior sharpness, color saturation, and brilliance to attain the closest match between the original transparency and the print you desire. We use the highest quality mat board and other supplies and they are numbered, titled, and signed by the photographer.

Keep in mind that the images on the web have been in some cases scanned (for older photos) from original 35mm transparencies into TIF images. Some of the photos go back to my 30-35 years of professional work in Africa andMesoamerica as a geographer, conservationist and development consultant. More recent photos (since about 2006) were shot as digital JPEGs, and the most recent were, originally shot in RAW format. We then compress and export them for online viewing as smaller JPEGs to limit their size and make it faster for you to see on the web.

My intent in all post-shoot photo-processing is to approximate the original scene as it was "in nature" without any tricks or additions other than minor cleaning-up of distractions such as telephone lines, doing basic cropping as needed and minor color corrections as needed.

Since each photograph is hand printed, there may be slight variations in the final product. If you would like special framing for prints we can work with you to get that as well--contact me directly by email (geobobford@gmail.com) or cell phone (909-363-6332).