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Camelot Bear

Bridge of Flowers Fall Harvest Country Lane St Bernard Dog and Boy Camelot Village
Manchester Sidewalks in the Fall House in the Woods Girls and Puppy

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Captions (from top-left to bottom-right):

1. Wooden carved-bear at Camelot Village, Bennington, Vermont, 2. The Bridge of Flowers, Sherburne Falls, Massachussetts (Mohawk trail), 3. Pumpkins at Halloween in West Hartford, Connecticut, 4. Country road near Manchester, Vermont in the fall, 5. Boy and St Bernard dog, Kent, Connecticut, 6. Camelot Village sign, Bennington, Vermont, 7. Tree-lined street and sidewalks in Manchester Village, Vermont, 8. Country house and fall colors, Cornwall, Vermont, 9. Puppy and two ladies on park bench, Sherburn Falls, MA