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MESOAMERICA - HONDURAS - Captions at bottom of page    


Guacas Watertaxi Pico Bonito Spanishshield Manatee skeleton  
Cuero canal Cuero Visitor Center Port Amapala  

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Captions (from top-left to bottom-right):

1. Banana plantation on the North Coast of Honduras, 2. Student by fence entering Copan ruins and Macaw birds, Copan, Honduras, 3. Local kids carrying water in a dory in French Harbour, Bay Islands, Honduras, 4. Illegal forest-clearing in high cloud forests of Pico Bonito National Park, North Coast, Honduras, 5. Statue of King Philip II by the Omoa Fort, Honduras, 6. uncovering skeleton of a manatee in Cuero y Salado Preserve, near La Ceiba, Honduras, 7. mangrove trees along a side-channel within the Cuero y Salado Prewerve, near La Ceiba, Honduras, 8. Visitor Center of the Cuero y Salado Preserve, near La Ceiba, Honduras, 9. Port of Amapala on the Gulf of fonseca, Pacific Coast, Honduras